The idea behind the logo

The concept for the Highland Community Foundation logo was inspired simply by the word "community." As artist Tim Krooswyk of Krooswyk Design thought about the word, and the types of things that bring people together, celebration came across as the overwhelming theme. "In merging the ideas of celebration and community, and pondering hometown Americana in general, a certain imagery came to mind. Fireworks. Highland has a tradition of beautiful fireworks displays at both Independence Day and, since the nineties, New Year's. It is that beacon of freedom that brings people together.

And that is the hope of the Highland Community Foundation, that it will bring people together for a specific purpose, to be proud of their town and seek to continually improve life within the community. The firework symbol will serve as a reminder of how residents need to come together for the common goal of maintaining and advancing the Town of Highland for current and future generations.